St Giles School Of English & Wizardry

St Giles School Of English & Wizardry


Unlock a new world with the St Giles School of English and Wizardry. This exciting one week course mixing English lessons, magic themed lessons and fascinating Harry Potter themed activities are available at St Giles London Highgate and St Giles Juniors Oxford. Within these enchanting settings students will have the opportunity to explore the world of Harry Potter whilst making friends and improving their English!


  • St Giles London Highgate (age 14+)
  • Oxford (age 12-17)

Age Range:


12-17, 14+

Lessons Per Week:

15 morning lessons of General English 5 magic themed English lessons.

Entry Level:



Accommodation: Homestay or Residence
  • twin homestays only available for students traveling together
  • residence available for 16 & 17 year olds only Course length: 1-4 weeks.
Activities & Excursions: 5 afternoon activities designed for witches and wizards. 1 full day weekend excursion to a magical location.
Starting Dates:
  • London Highgate-20 April Course length: 1 week
  • Oxford-26 July Course length: 1 week
Package Price Per Week For London Highgate:
  • Day only (price per week): £445
  • With accommodation (homestay):  £656

Package Price Per Week For Oxford:

  • Day only : £550
  • Full Package : £970

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