Lite Regal Medical Internship

Lite Regal Medical Internship

Doctor shadowing and medical internship in hospitals is vital and necessary for any students aged 17+ wishing to apply to Medical School or for students who are already studying medicine (MBBS or BSc) or Equivalent – abroad or in the UK and would like to gain Clinical Experience in a Clinic or Hospital. It is especially suited for Medical students seeking clinical experience in London UK. International and UK students are welcome to apply.


Lite Regal London

Minimum Age:



Lessons Per Week:

25 hours of Internship

Entry Level:



Course Length:

1-4 weeks


A Graduation ceremony is held and an end of course certificate is given


UCL – Garden Halls or one of the other intercollegiate University of London Halls of Residence
Package price for 1 week
(includes all meals, transport, mentor, supervision):
  • Residential – £1950
  • Non-Residential – £1450
Registration Fee:£75


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