Lite Regal Law Internship

Lite Regal Law Internship


The advantages of Law Internship and Shadowing programme are numerous. Students who decide to go on this programme will have an educational and cultural experience of a lifetime. It allows to students to gain independence and make friends from all over the world, have fun and allow students live and Intern / shadow within a Law firm in one of the best most vibrant cities in the world – London. Students will intern and shadow with a real working lawyer / barrister and learn from them. The internship hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and outside of this, students have free time to meet friends and explore the city.


Lite Regal London

Minimum Age:



Lessons Per Week:

25 hours of Internship

Entry Level:



Course Length:

1-4 weeks


A Graduation ceremony is held and an end of course certificate is given


UCL – Garden Halls or one of the other intercollegiate University of London Halls of Residence
Package price for 1 week
(includes all meals, transport, mentor, supervision):
  • Residential – £1950
  • Non-Residential – £1450
Registration Fee:£75

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